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Im ordered to have the sober link sl2 through my dui trial. I blow in it every 4 hours. The issue is the light flashes and then you blow, it clicks when it has gathered a sample. Well then you go to bed or back to work and get text notifications stating you have missed 1 or more compliant test. This mess up is machine related not user related but the issue can cause legal issues for the user. Im going to file a law suit against the soberlink...
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I have been required to use the soberlink device 5 times a day for the past 8 months by my employer. I find the device humiliating, demeaning and intrusive. The device is literally shoved down my throat 5 times a day. I have developed a great deal of anger and resentment towards the device and the program because of this. I have has 2 false positives, and one episode of a blurred photo that required me to drive over and hour each way to a...
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Anonymous So when you get a negative test, it will say positive?

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  • False positives

Soberlink Sl2 Breathalyzer Review

The device just stopped working (SL2), it won't power up. I tried to power it up by recharging it but it wouldn't. My Probation officer is on vacation so I can't get any help. She'll most likely issue a warrant for my arrest if I miss a blow. Thanks, SoberLink - Bobby Coyne, Los Alamos, NM