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My daughter is using soberlink at her son's father's demand. She has had several false positives, the readings are erratic and don't make sense.

One morning it was .09 upon awakening and 0 15 minutes later-- NOT even possible. In Nov soberlink sent an email stating that her positives were inconsistent with consumption of alcohol. Also several tests did not send. Over Christmas, she was with family and can swear she did not drink.

The levels, doubled, then went down, tripled, then cut in half, etc all over 15 minute intervals. The boy's father came and got him when her level was .03 . This is costing another court hearing and she has lost visits with her son. She has been sober 2 yrs but deals with a bully.

Called soberlink, first guy was helpful and agreed that those levels didn't make sense. Told me to contact compliance which I did. They were AWFUL. Said it had to be alcohol .

I called and a guy named Brad Keays, wouldn't even listen. I asked how it could go from .09 to 0 in 15 minute. He stated, cuz she drank alcohol. I repeated the question and he wouldn" t answer- just stated , " obviously soberlink isn't working for you- find another breathalyzer.

" Never discussed the erratic values, wouldn't answer questions , Basically said soberlink is never wrong and tough ***!!! I told him we witnessed that she did not drink and did the test correctly.

His comment " Well, that's what YOU say." Also had episodes of it not sending. AND 2 other breathalyzers we tested said negative.

Product or Service Mentioned: Soberlink Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Costumer service, Unrliability of product.

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Buffalo, New York, United States #1291761

I too have just had this happen as I test 5 times a day if not more I do this on my own validation as I have no legal trouble but like you have an ex who continues to accuse me of drinking. So up until Feb 19 I have had only .000 tests then that morning I had a .012 test the machine locked and then 15 min later .009 then locked once more I showered and retested at .000 Sober link sent me the same response and wanted $100 for more info I requested the name of there forensic scientist or a copy of the system they us as evaluation but they refuse to provide it.


My step child's mother is also using SoberLink and blew a .038 one evening when she had the child. The father went and picked up the child which of course made the mother very mad at the father.

I am not doubting your confidence in your daughter's sobriety, but based on what I have seen - a true alcoholic (which we are dealing with currently) can be very sneaky about their consumption. From what you're saying, the test results are all over the board and it could very well be a faulty device. It is technology and it's impossible for all devices to work perfectly 100% of the time. My step child's grandmother visits from out of town and knows her daughter is an alcoholic, but is easily manipulated by her lies and her always playing "I'm the victim".

Every parent wants to believe their child and put trust and faith in them that they wouldn't lie to their own family, but we have seen many lies told with even the child caught in the middle. It's common and true addict behavior, to a T. Although you might feel as if the father is being a bully to your daughter, he is rightfully protecting his child and most likely following a court order in which he must pick up the child if she tests positive for any alcohol. If he fails to comply with the court order, it would also look bad for him for letting his child stay with someone intoxicated (just by going off of what the SoberLink results state).

There is a reason she is on the device in the first place even if it is based on historical events, in our case it is because the mother has put the child in many dangerous situations while intoxicated. Walk in the father's shoes for a moment. I commend 2 years of sobriety, that is a great accomplishment and not easy.

I pray every night for my step child's mother to be able to do that before something very bad happens to her or her child. Hopefully she was able to get another properly working device so she can enjoy time with her beloved children.

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