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HELP! I have been using a sober link blue device for the past 40 days and have had three false positive results. I have not a drop of alcohol in six months. The last two positive tests came this past weekend and now I am being dragged into court. I could lose custody of my 3 year old. I woke in the morning and blew on schedule. A 0.042 registered!!! Was it my tea or my toothpaste?? I have checked out my toothpaste company and they say no. Green tea??? doubt it. After 15 minutes, it went down to 0.021, but took another 1.5 hours to get to 0.000. Sober link compliancy department wrote me back in an email, saying"Although the BAC level of alcohol was low, the changes in the clients recorded BAC levels on 8/12 were consistent of that of consumed alcohol." WHAT???

Another test came through as positive two nights later. 0.018. It took a full hour to get down to 0.000. Was it the pie that I ate 1.5 hours before? Was it the three bites of ice cream I had with my son 30 minutes before?? So stressful.

I am currently requesting the "expert" to review my data. Hopefully he/she will identify that more than 0.015 was reduced per hour, and clear this up, but I haven't heard back from them as to when this experts opinion will be produced. Court is on Thursday!!! If these results are also expertly positive, I need to send my unit back, but none of it makes sense as I am recording 0.000 now that I don't eat or drink for 2-3 hours previous to testing.

I don't drink and I could lose my son.

Product or Service Mentioned: Soberlink Breathalyzer.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

I didn't like: Faulty equipment and company policy, Compliancy department.

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SoberLink is due big time for a class action lawsuit. Lawyers please contact me


This device is faulty over long periods of usage. They have made me use it for 6 years causing endocarditis and PTSD.


I too had a false positive with SoberLink. My test showed up as .0027 and then 15 minutes later it was back to 0.00, the next morning as soon as I woke up, granted once again I didn’t consume a .009 and the 15 minutes it was 0.00, now they want to charge me $50 for an evaluation.

This company is outrageous. Please do not use this company.

to OaklandSean #1409592

Like any electronic device this can have malfunctions too. You can take a screengrab of tests on your home screen where it shows test and retest time results.

Time in between test results will prove it’s not possible to decel that quickly.

I’ve had this happen to me but screengrabs gave proof where there could’ve been doubts. This device has helped me tremendously with my sobriety.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States #1354166

Thank you all who have responded to my post. Sober link devices are not accurate.

The Santa Fe court system does not use them any more due to my case. Where there may be breathalyzer units that are accurate, the two that I used were not. The compliance department and the specialists that are employed by Soberlink are designed to safeguard their product and their business.

It was too expensive for me to file a lawsuit, and I had to just eat the Soberlink costs, and when it was proven inaccurate I had to prove sober through urinalysis to the courts in a lengthily period. Sober link cost me money, time, and a lot of stress when trying to maintain custody of my son.



Good luck to all.

Bakersfield, California, United States #1312162

Look I have had the same issue they said I blew .045

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1290244

Do what I do: Buy your own breathalyzer on Amazon. Less than $100 bucks.

Worth every penny. Then before you blow into the SOBERLINK - ALWAYS test yourself first with your personal BREATHALYZER. If the reading is not zero - start rinsing your mouth, drinking water until the reading is zero. Then take the SOBERLINK test.

In this way - you will see what you blow - and you can videotape the process showing what your personal breathalyzer indicated at the time - for comparison to what SOBERLINK reports. This would prove that there is an issue.

San Diego, California, United States #1209786

I'm not required to use soberlink, but my daughters father is. Because of ridiculous and VERY false allegations of drug and alcohol use (I can't drink at all, and do not do drugs), and because of the multiple calls he's made to CPS, I voluntarily took a 5 panel hair and ETG test just to prove he was lying, and passed with flying colors...

If I were you... I'd try the hair tests... They also offer a urine ETG test for alcohol which can detect ANY alcohol consumption in the last 80 hours.

I've done both... it's always good to have a back up...

to Anonymous Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States #1215667

Thank you for your comment San Diego. Im sorry for your struggle.

I did exactly what you have suggested. I went to a diagnostic office for a urinalysis, and it came up negative. I have the same timeshare with my son, however only by grace. The judge and priority counselor did not want to look at the urinalysis, my witnesses, or the statistics of my Soberlink tests.

Lucky. However the Soberlink compliance department continued to defend their product. I have a new device, and have not tested positive with it. I have not heard from Soberlink about my faulty device, after repeated attempts.

The "expert" that was used by Soberlink gave the same thin response as the compliance department, the exact same response, in fact. When my lawyer requested the identification of this person, Soberlink compliance ignored the request. Another request was sent by my lawyer, to which they could not produce an identity, and referred us to their law office.

Good luck with your situation. And know that Soberlink is dishonest and perfidious.

Guthrie, Oklahoma, United States #1204856

I'm so sorry, your screwed, i feel for your son. I have been on the soberlink for a year, and have tried every excuse and every lie in the book.

Honestly, I have. It is accurate and you cant beat it.

if it gives you a positive test, well... than you drank, toothpaste and mouthwash dosnt work, I've tried.

to Anonymous El Paso, Texas, United States #1215362

Will it say positive if its positive? Like will it show on the screen instead of sayin compliant sent

to Heaven91 Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States #1215669


It will show a BAC reading and request a submission after 15 minutes. It will continue to require submissions every 15 minutes until 0.00 is recorded.

to Anonymous Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States #1215657

Anonymous in Guthrie, I had a urinalysis with a diagnostic office after the positive testing with Soberlink. The results came up negative, which was accurate as I have not had a drop.

Thank you for your comment. It is in line with what the courts and the compliance department at Soberlink have to say about this monitoring system. It is completely rational to believe that I was trying to fudge the system, however it is not the truth. If you are still monitored, know a good diagnostic center, or contact your local hospital about the process of getting blood/urine work done immediately after testing falsely.

Soberlink is in business to defend their product and their system.

Their compliance department is not on your side, and they are expensive. Good luck.

to Anonymous #1310670

Mouth wash and certain foods, like bread, can give a negative result I'm warned about.

to Nora #1470565

I just got a false positive on my Soberlink device after not sleeping all night and I certainly didn’t drink any alcohol. I got a blood test the very next day and it came up negative proving the faulty Soberlink test.

The device measure acetone levels in your breath to determine if you’ve been drinking but the body also produces acetone when you’re under stress.

Big pain on the butt. Why doesn’t someone start a class action lawsuits?

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