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I have to use Soberlink due to a drinking offense. I am paying 45.50$/WEEK to even have the machine in my possession.

I have to blow 3 times a day. As long as I am using the machine at my house, I don't have an issue. The problem is when I have to use the machine at work. Which happens a few times a week due to the times I am scheduled to "blow".

I work in a bar for reference. Friday at 11am I tested and it said that I had trace amounts of alcohol (at this point I had been sober for 10 days). My PO called me and said that my test in 15 minutes better come back clean and hung up. It did not, in fact it said I had even more alcohol in my system and he said this was becasue I had drank and it was metabolizing.

I adamantly denied this and he made me go give a urine test. I did. Monday he tells me that my urine test is "unusable" becasue I was "too hydrated" and that again on Saturday I had to test 3 times before it would go through so I had to go give another urine sample. It of course came back clean as I have been sober for 13 days at this point.

To which I asked him if I showed alcohol in my system how was it completely gone in a matter of 30 minutes? He had no answers, and still won't admit that the machine has any issues or that any outside (alcohol in the air due to me working in a bar!) factors could have affected the test.

This is just a warning that if you do work in a place that serves a lot of alcohol that you "air out" your machine before using it. I can get mine to work as long as it is outside for 10-15 minutes before I test.

Review about: Soberlink Sl2 Breathalyzer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Put warning in your directions about outside affectants .

I didn't like: Faulty equipment and company policy, Unrliability of product.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1290234

It makes sense that the air in a pub would contain contaminants. Even mouthwash is enough to trigger a false positive.

Probably good idea to (1) keep device in a ziploc bag and (2) take tests outside in the fresh air or in the bathroom.

to Frank Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1330585

Actually perfumes did it for me and the new lipsense lipstick.

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