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THIS IS WRETCHED! On Saturday night, while my son was in custody I blew a 0.000. The test did not send, so I retested 4 minutes later. 0.065! I loaded my son in the car and we drove to the ER. On the way, I was prompted to submit another test, as it was 15 minutes after the initial positive test. It registered 0.000. I got to the hospital and blew into their breathalyzer. It registered 0.000. I gave blood and the results came back 30 minutes... Read more

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I have been required to use the soberlink device 5 times a day for the past 8 months by my employer. I find the device humiliating, demeaning and intrusive. The device is literally shoved down my throat 5 times a day. I have developed a great deal of anger and resentment towards the device and the program because of this. I have has 2 false positives, and one episode of a blurred photo that required me to drive over and hour each way to a... Read more

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HELP! I have been using a sober link blue device for the past 40 days and have had three false positive results. I have not a drop of alcohol in six months. The last two positive tests came this past weekend and now I am being dragged into court. I could lose custody of my 3 year old. I woke in the morning and blew on schedule. A 0.042 registered!!! Was it my tea or my toothpaste?? I have checked out my toothpaste company and they say no. Green... Read more

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At 1:23 pm tested .031 brac. At 1:36 pm tested .06 brac. Then at 1:51 tested .000 brac. Even soberlink website and pdf file states this is impossible. It landed me in front of a judge who will throw me in jail due to faulty device.

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Even though test read compliant I was asked to repeat test 3minutes later. It also read compliant when I retested immediately. The prompt woke me nxt morning and I immediately blew. The same scenario happened. Compliant retest compliant. I was not worried.i was shocked 2 days later when the medical boards representatives called me and told me I tested positive at .008 followed 3 minutes later negative at .000. same thing the next morning.... Read more

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I am using soberlink sl2 it has caught me slipping 3 times since Sept 1 2015 when i got my 3rd dwi(case is pending and i wasnt driving so should be dismissed) but on three occasions i did in fact violate my conditions of release and it registered properly and if course warrants and jail trips. I am currently back out on conditions being soberlink uas and attending treatment. Now i have not drank and have had no false positives nor positives. I... Read more

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I've had issues too. If it didn't store pic, it could show as missed but will show in history. Did it click? On their site, it states environmental factors can cause false positive, to test again 15 mins later. No matter time, if 0 should be ok. Their site states device NOT error free. I've had sensor issues 2x. This time pic didn't come thru..blurry. They finally contacted me to say condensation error & sending replacement. Last time, they... Read more

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Soberlink seems to have a different time schedule, is unreliable, and has cost me 2 weekends with my daughter in a custody battle Read more

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I have had problems with my device saying I have a mist test. I went to my provider and they said that it was me who did not blow on Rome and that if I did blow it would story my pictures of when I had attempt to now I mite be facing jail time because they did not see any thing wrong with my device.... I have been blowing ran and it was 12 minutes past my window before I had a compliment test sent. I'm am scared because I just talk... Read more

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